10 Things To Know Before You Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer

by Calvin Cox on November 30, 2009

graphic design pinup girlThe Styleapple Hire A Designer series continues with Melissa Gerber, a Freelance Graphic Designer with an extensive background in packaging design. She is an accomplished Art Director and Designer, experienced in publishing, packaging, editorial, and branding design. You can read her full profile here.

Melissa wrote a very comprehensive article on the Top 10 things to look for when hiring a Graphic Designer for A Packaging Design Project. If you are thinking about hiring a graphic designer to do packaging design work, this is a must read.  Find a brief excerpt of her article below. You can read the full copy here.

Melissa-Gerber-graphic-designer---packaging-designThe Top 10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Graphic Designer For A Package Design Project Written by Melissa Gerber Freelance Graphic Designer 1. Know the style of what you want your product to look like or at least an idea. Visit stores that carry the type of packaging you are creating. If you find designs you like take notes and pictures if you can. You can also search the internet for packaging ideas and inspiration. Also, sometimes on the back of packages you will see the designer name. If you really like the design it is fairly easy to google the designer’s name and most times an online portfolio can be found with their contact information, resume and portfolio.

2. Visit creative websites.
There are a lot of online designer portfolio websites out there now. This makes it much easier for the client to search easily for packaging designers with all types of backgrounds and styles. Some sites include: styleapple.com, coroflot.com, creativehotlist.com, and designrelated.com just to name a few. At these sites you can search specifically for packaging designers and review their work and resume. If you are unsure of what style you are looking for your design to be these sites will also show you different approaches to various packaging.

3. Review resume carefully.
In addition to reviewing the designer’s portfolio, pay close attention to the designer’s resume. Carefully review the resume to make sure they have the skill set that you require for the project. This will show you the designer’s experience with other clients and companies. It will tell you how long they have been designing and their experience level. A beautiful portfolio is promising, but the amount of experience they have is an important factor to consider. The amount of projects they have done over the years shows that they have learned to communicate and understand the needs of their clients. It also shows that people keep coming back to them.

4. Research and communicate with a few designers.
Find 2 or 3 designers whose work you really like and talk to them all to get a feel for who would be best to take on your project. Get a quote from each and discuss the project with them. Then see who you feel most comfortable giving the project to.

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