10 Things To Know Before You Hire a Motion Graphics/Animation Designer

by Calvin Cox on January 10, 2010

EBGE ’09 Introductory Video from myrmigi design house

I am very pleased to introduce The Myrmigi Design House Team to the Styleapple Hire A Designer series. Myrmigi Design House is a creative studio that offers high-end creative design services including motion design, graphic design, 3D design, and animation projects (2D/3D). You can read the design firm’s full profile here.

The Myrmigi Design Team wrote a very comprehensive article on the The Top 10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Motion Graphics/Animation Designer. If you are thinking about hiring a motion graphic designer for your next project, this is a must read. Find a brief excerpt of the article below. You can read the full copy here.

myrmigi-design-house--profile-photoThe Top 10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Motion Graphics/Animation Designer. Written byThe Myrmigi Design House Team 1. MARKETING:A social network like “Styleapple” is a very good resource when you are trying to finddesignersor studios to assign your work. Take a look at their projects, read about them and make your choice depending on what your ideal collaboration would be like.


2. REFERENCES:Ask for references, or get in contact with some of the designer’s / studio stated clients, usually found in his / their website, for a brief comment on their own experience.

3. FIRST CONTACT:Hand in a brief scenario describing the product, or service, you want commercialized and also ask for their own alternative view. Getting a fresher look will help for a more friendly and fluent communication.

4. IN THE BEGINNING:Provide them with your detailed outline, budget and timeframe in order to derive their proposal-s. Review and negotiate their price.

Continue… Read points 4 – 10 here


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