10 Things To Know Before You Hire an Industrial Designer

by Calvin Cox on November 21, 2009

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The Styleapple Hire A Designer series continues with Jonathan C. Smith, Senior Industrial Designer and Chief Editor at Design Exposed.  Jonathan holds multiple patents for his work in industrial design and have experiences in both the corporate and consultancy environment.   Jonathan wrote a very comprehensive article on the Top 10 things to look for when hiring an Industrial Designer. Find an experpt of the article below. You can read the full copy here.

Jonathan-Smith,-industrial-designerWhat are the top ten things to look for when hiring an Industrial Designer? Written by Jonathan C.Smith, Industrial Designer This isn’t a simple cut and dry answer. The person you are looking for is always determined by your needs and each designer has different strengths and weaknesses.

Factors such as technical skills, experience, and passion are considerable factors.

In general, terms these are the top ten skills/traits to look for when hiring an Industrial Designer.

1.) Critical thinking skills/problem solving skills
2.) Open Mindedness
3.) Enthusiasm
4.) Willing to learn new skills and wear more hats
5.) Aptitude for Engineering
6.) Communicate ideas effectively: Verbal, written, and in sketch form.
7.) Sees the forest through the trees
8.) Variety of design/life experiences: Mentally mature
9.) Aptitude for Graphic Design
10.) Materials and Manufacturing knowledge

Here is a break down of the aforementioned list.

1.) Critical thinking skills/problem solving skills

Can you think on your feet? Can you read into a problem or design brief and think your way through the problem from more than one perspective? Finding one solution isn’t the end of the line. We need to explore as many perspectives as possible. This is an overlooked skill that can be learned, but it requires a commitment on your part. Look for the positives and the negatives, being honest with yourself will yield more effective solutions. These qualities directly relate to the next item on the list.

2.) Open Mindedness

Any time you enter a situation with a biased perspective you are limiting yourself to what you have already perceived is the answer. You can get around this, but it will take you more time to get up to speed. Listen to those around you, think about it from a variety of perspectives and don’t think any idea is a bad one until you are ready to trim the fat off your ideas.

3.) Enthusiasm

Your enthusiasm can have a dramatic effect on others. Being open minded and enthusiastic about the potential of a project can heighten the quality of your results and the attitude of those around you. Besides, if you aren’t genuinely enthusiastic about your work, others will notice.

4.) Willing to learn new skills and wear more hats

If you are looking for a career then you better put your steel toe shoes on. Hiring managers don’t want to hire someone who will leave in a year or two or three. The cost associated with hiring a new employee is very high. And they wan tot make sure they hire someone who is in it for the long haul and is genuinely committed to great results.

Continue… Read points 5 – 10 here

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