11 Top Companies Logo Design Changes That May Surprise You!

by Calvin Cox on October 3, 2008




My last blog post was about Google releasing its 2001 search engine for show for their 10th year Anniversary and how their logo has changed since then –  pointing to current company growth and design trends as two possible reasons for the change.  I was since energized to find other top company logo design that has changed over the years.  What I found was that in most cases the logos were noticeably similar to their predecessors as expect  but still showcased a modern spin that appeal to the current design trends in their respective industries.

What I found kind of funny was the Starbucks coffee logo changed from a practically x-rated half naked mermaid to a more censored version as their demographics grew. I wasn’t sure whether they wanted me to get a cup of coffee or  get a room  ☺ Anyway, check out the list, let me know what you think.


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