15 Reasons A Design Portfolio Social Network Website Is Better Than Your Own Design Portfolio Website

by Calvin Cox on December 19, 2009


1.    Free Marketing. Your work is seen by both clients and peers with little marketing effort from you.

2.    High Visitor Traffic. More traffic comes to your portfolio on a social network site than that of  your own website. Think about it… Which location do you think sees more “walk by traffic”.  A mall (social network with thousands of designers)  or a business located on a side street in a residential community (single design website)?

3.    No Setup Cost. Most social network portfolio websites have a free option which means you pay nothing to set up your design portfolio.

4.    Multiple Design Services. Social network sites offers a wide variety of design services which makes it easier for clients to find what they are looking for in one place, which translates to more clients finding your business.

5.    Job Opportunities Sent To Your Email Inbox. Design portfolio social network sites with an integrated job board will send you jobs that are posted on their job board which is a convenient way to find new clients.  Styleapple also has a membership option (Pro Membership) where designers can receive quote requests directly from potential clients.

6.    Social Marketing. Your design portfolio will most likely get tweeted, dugged, fanned, bumped, floated and become delicious due to the convenience of social media icons on design portfolio social network websites.

7.    Feedback From Peers. By definition, social network websites have elaborate communication functionalities, which include various comments/ feedback/ and voting features.  Getting feedback from your peers can help build your strengths and fine tune your expertise.

8.    Networking For New Clients. Potential clients and customers can ask questions and inquire about your design services in a less formal environment.

9. Flash Disable. Most design portfolio social network websites does not have flash which can hinder search engines ability to search and index a website.

10.  Free Upgrades. The design portfolio social network websites does all the upgrades needed to stay current which in turn gives your design portfolio a free upgrade.

11.  Strength In Numbers. Chances are good that you will show up on Google’s top 10 search results  from your social network designer profile  than your own portfolio website for more general design service terms.

12.  Free Promotions. If your design work is “feature worthy”. Design portfolio social network websites will promote your work for free. By either making you a feature designer or for any marketing campaign they might be running to promote their social networking website.

13.  Collaboration Opportunities. Easy to meet potential business partners for collaborations on design projects and partnerships are formed when other designers are browsing and run into an intriguing design portfolio.

14.  Short Setup Time. Most design portfolio websites can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Whereas your own portfolio website may take months.

15.  Leveled Playing Field. Clients won’t judge you from your website layout and esthetics but rather your actual design work.

With all that said you might think that I’m against designers creating their own websites. On the contrary, I believe it’s absolutely essential for designers to have their own websites.  The truth is, the majority of designer portfolio websites, though esthetically pleasing and optimized from a marketing perspective may not see a huge amount of traffic. For this reason, design portfolio social networks can be a very useful tool when promoting and searching  for new clients.  Once your potential client finds you, your personal website will serve as a closing argument to why you’re the right designer for the job.  Your site says a great deal about you and will be an important factor on whether or not a client chooses you for their next big project.

Full Disclosure:  I’m the founder of the design portfolio social networking website, Styleapple.


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