15 Things Super Successful Bloggers Do All The Time

by Calvin Cox on August 13, 2008

1. Create Cheeky Blog Titlessuperblogger woman

Blog titles are just as important as the blog content itself “at Hubspot, we probably spend close to half our time thinking about a cheeky blog title and half our time actually writing the article.” Says Brian Halligan of Hubspot, an internet marketing company after reading my post on “How to write a Blog Title That Shows Up On DIGGs Front Page“.

2. Write Great Content That Invites Discussion

Sometimes I find myself lecturing to my readers, which is not my intention, but when it does happen it tends to close the door for an open discussion about the topic of interest. Try writing with a relative instead of an absolute point of view.

3. Create Keyword Rich Content.

Keyword rich content could be tricky sometimes because keyword rich content is only for search engine purposes. It might become a little annoying for your readers if you repeat a keyword over and over in your content. I find writing your content with your readers interest first and then go back and replace or add your keywords only where appropriate works very well.

4. Make Sure Their Content Is Complete With Referral Links

Links to other relevant resources is very important. As much as I would like to think that I have the best content on the web – I don’t. I read amazing articles by other bloggers all the time that addresses a point of view that does wonders as a great reference for my readers. Linking to those kinds of articles helps to complete the readers experience.

5. Create Internal Links To Other Articles & Tips Within Their Blog

Linking to other parts of your blog (internal linking) helps you with your PageRank and helps to build page authority. It’s a big misconception that internal links doesn’t matter…. they do.

6. Leaves Constructive Comments On Fellow Bloggers Articles

Leaving constructive comments sparks a conversation on fellow bloggers articles help to promote the discussion. The more interesting your comments the more visitors will want to know who you are. Most blogs have a reply URL that will provide a link to your website.

7. Track Readership Subscriptions Closely To Find Out How To Improve And Grow Their Subscriptions

Your readership is the most important asset a blogger has. If your readership is at a standstill, you should work on finding out why your traffic is not increasing, if your articles are engaging enough and how to improve your subscriptions.

8. Track Web Traffic And Analyze When Are The Best Times to Post Articles For Maximum Impact

This is something that I’m working on myself, most bloggers have an international following; you should find out where most of your readership is coming from and post your blogs usually in the mornings of that demographic. For your email subscribers, this will give them a chance first thing in the morning to read your new post. And besides most people take the first few hour in the morning to get the scoop of what’s new and exciting for the day.

9. Reply To Comments Made On Their Own Articles.

When someone makes a comment on your articles, its good practice to reply to their comments; this helps to promote the discussion and engage other readers.

10. Continues to Research Articles And Topics That Will Engage Their Subscribers.

your goal as a blogger is to continue to build a level of trust with your readers, giving them new and exciting things to read and learn so than they will want to come back to your website.

11. Post Their Articles On Popular Social Bookmark Sites Like Digg And Designfloat.com

This is a great way to get new visitors to your site. If your articles are interesting enough, readers will vote to put your articles on the front page of these sites which increases your exposure and send lots of new visitors to your blog or website.

12. Surf the Internet; Sometimes Randomly

I’ve found lots of cool sites and gadgets on the internet that I’ve use as the subject of my blog posts and have written fairly successful articles around them, one such article is “How Much is Your Website Or Blog Really Worth? Your Numbers May Surprise You.

13. Add Their Blog to Selected Design And Blog Directories

Placing your blogs in directories can also help drive readers to your blog. Be careful and check out the directories to make sure they are not spammy and are respected; some directories you can try are of course the Yahoo directory, technorati, dexigner, and and blog catalog.

14. Write With Their Readers In Mind

Write with the intentions of truly providing your readers with quality stuff. No one wants to spend time reading articles with little substance.

15. Get Involve With Social Media Sites

Get on Twitter, StumbleUpon and Facebook – These sites can be a great resource and will help improve your readership if you take the time to learn the culture and become a part of it. My post on “Twitter is the Most Coolest and Stupidest Thing Ever” may give you some insight.

I’ve learned that blogging is both an art and a science; if you learn and do it correctly it can be very rewarding.


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