“86% Of Consumers No Longer Believe What Brands Say About Themselves”

by Calvin Cox on March 4, 2009

My past few posts have been trending in the direction of discussing the impact of personal branding on your corporate brand identity. So when I saw this statistic I needed to share it with you. I came across this Microsoft slide show presentation on Slideshare, a bit old but still very relevant. To me this should be a clear indication, if you had an ounce of doubt still left, that your brand identity is no longer controlled by you. The other part of the statistic indicated that ” 78% of consumers believe what other consumers say about your brand” which is a HUGE number in my opinion. The slide show goes on to say that “The brands that will succeed going forward are the ones who’s consumers tell the best stories.”

If you think about it though, these stats shouldn’t be a big surprise to you. Personally I know that before my wife tries out a new yoga studio or company service, Yelp is her goto website, where she can get unfiltered feedback from customers who have used the service.

Just another quick nudge to get you thinking about ways in which to engage your demographics, to effectively intergrate your marketing and social media networking, to organically build your brand image with your customers guidance… Sounds like a win-win scenario to me.

What social media techniques are you currently using to invite and engage your clients and customers?

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