Top 10 Fashion Design Blogs/Websites Young Designers Should Know.

by Calvin Cox on October 15, 2008



I’ve been on a mission searching for fashion designers or  fashion design companies who use their blogs to effectively promote their businesses.   This list will inevitably grow, so if you’d like to be included send me your link.

The Smashing Blog screen shot

The Smashing Blog ( UPDATE: This Blog Is No Longer Available ) All Things New and Smashing From the Front Lines of The indie Fashion Revolution. This blog spotlights young fashion designers and also have some great interviews of up and coming designers. The smashing darling website is also a great place to sell your new collections; great for young fashion designers.


Independent Fashion Bloggers –  A Fashion community made up of fashion design bloggers and pros  sharing ideas and growing their businesses. A growing resource of information for young  fashion designers or anyone in the fashion industry.


Fashion Incubator – Lessons from the sustainable factory floor.   Definitely a great resource for fashion designers, pattern makers or any fashion professional looking for advice from freelancing to billing clients to pattern making tutorials.

jack-and-bill website screen shot

Jack + Bill  ( UPDATE: This Blog Is No Longer Available ) Jack + Bill is a public relations agency dedicated to identifying, branding and publicizing emerging fashion talent.   I need to do a bit more research on them to get more details on how they business, but seem to have a genuine interest in growing young fashion designers.

Final-Fashion blog screen shot

Final Fashion –  fashion and fiction.  Danielle Meder is a fashion blogger/fashion illustrator who’s work I’ve admired for a while.  Great blog. Very talented illustrator.


Megan Thomas is a fashion blogger/fashion designer

Truegrey – Adventures in Fashion Design & Illustration.   Megan Thomas is a fashion blogger/fashion designer who uses the blogosphere to effectively promote her design and illustration projects.


Style Bubble Fashion blog.

StyleBubble -Fashion blog.  What I like about this blog is how fun it is. The author, Susie is very creative and gives her reader a reason to keep coming back to see what’s new whether it be a cool fashion trip she took or simple an outfit that she put together.


Compai - Compai is a crafty, green design studio

Compai – Compai is a crafty, green design studio dedicated to creative projects that employ recycled materials.


fashion-design-blog screen shot

Fashion Design Blog – A Collection of Fashion Designers and Design Boutiques blogging and showcases their collections.


bridal and eveningwear fashion design label

Jennyvi Dizon Couture – A custom bridal and eveningwear fashion design label effectively utilizing their blog to promote their business.

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