A Swift Kick in the Butt And A Bit of Inspiration From Just Creative Design.

by Calvin Cox on January 28, 2009

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Just Creative Design, Jacob Cass Interviews Veteran Designers About Staying Focused.

Design as you know is not like anything else in the realm of career choices. Most times you find yourself hoping that you were not chosen to follow the path which initially brings a lack of financial security and sometimes even lots of insecurity.

A designer’s journey is one of self exploration and one that takes you through a series of mental and emotional Olympic trials. If you don’t know it by now you’ve chosen the road less traveled. But be sure to realized that it’s your road and you must travel it because once you arrive at your kick-in-the-ass-imagedestination, there is nothing else like it.

Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design, which I’m a big fan, did a great post called Advice For Design Students in which he interviews creative professionals in the design industry giving some insightful advice on staying in the game no matter what. Good stuff, check it out – you’re guaranteed to get that second wind you’ve been looking for.

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