Are You A Branded Designer? Take The iPhone Brand Test

by Calvin Cox on July 12, 2008

The post today is about personal branding; This is a topic I know I’ll revisit again and again but wanted to get my feet wet and get your

leo espinosa brand me image

marketing marbles rolling. I’m sure that I’m not introducing you to anything new when I talk about branding.

Coca Cola is probably the single most branded product in the free world. Just think when you’re in a restaurant and you ask the waiter for a drink; 9 out of 10 times it’s a coke you’re asking for or for some of you- a rum and coke… Anyway, for a company to maintain any kind of success; they need to be first successful in branding their product or service.

Another company that does an exceptional job of branding is Apple Computers. When the iPhone was introduced, it literally blew all other phones available in the North American region out the water; even with a price point of $600, the phone was a must have.

Now why in the world would someone buy a $600 iPhone when they could just as easily buy a blackberry for half the price or even get a free phone by simply signing up for a cell phone plan…. BRANDING, that’s why! Steve Jobs has delivered what Tom Peters calls the “brand you” strategy;

1) Developing Your Brand,

2)Packaging your Brand and

3) Communicating your Brand Effectively.

Steve Jobs and Apple have created a cult-like following by implementing these basic principles; I should know- I’m a cult member 🙂

Just recently Apple introduced the new iPhone 3G; At the same time, Sprint introduced its competitor, the Instinct – the Instinct if you haven’t seen the commercials does everything except the dishes; As an iPhone user there are many options that the iPhone still does not currently have even with the new release- so why don’t I switch? – simple, I’ve been APPLE BRANDED

Now some of you might already have a great brand for your design services or product. To verify your assumptions, take my

iPhone Brand Test:

#1 Are your customers completely obsessed with your product or service that they camp out for hours to see new product releases?

iphone crowds

#2 Are your customers recommending your services to everyone they meet and blurting out random love phases about your product or service ?, e.g. ‘Boy, that iPhone sure is special!!!’

#3 Do your customers trust your product or service to the point of cult -like behaviors?

#4 What is it that your design service or product offers that make it different from your competition?

Becoming Branded it not a short term project; it’s a long term commitment. It can literally take years; but when you’re branded your golden. You develop a loyal fan base that will stick with you through anything which easily translates into steady and increasing income.

So how do you become branded? Well I’ve listed a few great articles and personal brand websites to get you started on your way. I hope I’ve pumped you up enough for you to take the plunge; get started, get going. As T Harv Eker, author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” once said ” Get in the corridor of life” and start walking to the light… paraphrasing of course.

And remember “if you’re going to be a brand, you’ve got to become relentlessly focused on what you do that adds value, that you’re proud of, and most important, that you can shamelessly take credit for.” Tom Peters CHEERS 😉

By the way let me know of other resources that I can add to the brand illumination wall.


1. – The Brand Called You, by Tom Peters

2. – The Brand You Survival Kit, by Tom Peters

3. – Brand You

4. Personal Branding Blog – Navigating You to Future Success

5. All About Branding Dot Com –

6. Brand Channel –

7. Tom Peters! –

8. SEOBOOK – Brand Building Tips (On A Budget)


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