Are You Baiting and Switching your Clients With False Brand Promises?

by Calvin Cox on March 10, 2009

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How do you feel when you go to a fast food restaurant and the line is out the door.   How about going to get your “Car Tire Flat Fixed in Less Than 10 Minutes” and it takes an hour for someone to look at your car. $%#&… Exactly. Chances are, you’re going to change your own tires next time. The same is true when it comes to your design company’s brand.

The branding process is a long one. You’re building relationships with clients or customers that goes beyond simply getting the work or project done. It’s about the promise you made or the promise your brand made to your clients (Brand Promise – What your company says it will do for your customers and what the customers perceives they can expect from your company).

The client chose you out of the thousands of potential design companies out there because you’ve exuded a quality of service or claimed to have a product that promises to deliver X, Y and Z. Maybe your brand focuses on high end fabrics for custom made clothing, or web hosting with no down time or quality logo design services. That being said, your customers expect that you will deliver on that “promise”. If for some reason you do not perform as expected. That becomes a strike against your brand image.

If you’re promising a certain type of product or service, you must deliver that product or service… no excuses. You have to do what you said you’ll do. And now with the power of social media and the voice of the consumer having global reach, you have to make sure that that voice speaks favorably about your design company.

Wouldn’t you rather your customers tweet and retweet this:

Boy what an awesome job company XYZ did , Thank you so much @blahblahblah for making my website rock” instead of this…

” Company XYZ is not be trusted and I will never ever eeeeeevvvvveeeerr go back there”

How do you manage your customers expectation in order to protect your brand image?


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