Arguably The Most Effective Branding Campaign Ever.

by Calvin Cox on October 7, 2008

Since this is the final month of elections for the Presidency of the United States – Election Day November 4, 2008.  I’ve decided to dedicate thebarack-obama-change-poster next four weeks on the elections and show how social networking and branding can be effectively utilized.  That being said, I wanted to share with you what I believe is the most effective branding strategy in recent American history.  After watching the vice presidential debates last week It struck me that I’m in the middle of a very historical event.  I’ve never been so engaged in American politics before.  Seriously, this has been such  an experience to be right in the middle of what will go down in history as one of the most notable periods in America – the probable election of the first African American President in American history.

What’s even more interesting is how clearly branding played a major role.  Two years ago Senator Barack Obama was a name that no one knew or cared about.  Two years later Senator Barack Obama is positioned to becoming the first African American president of the United States.   Knowing the colorful history of Blacks in America you could easily see why this event is simply extraordinary.   With that said.  I’d like to give credit  to Senator Barack Obama and his campaign for an exceptional campaign thus far by effectively creating a brand in 2 years what simply would  take other companies or organizations decades to accomplish.

The Obama campaign proved that by effectively utilizing the tools of social media one can take down arguably “the most powerful Democratic family in a generation – one that understood the power of money in politics and commanded a network of wealthy donors that has financed the Democratic Party for years” – the Clintons.   Of course it goes without say that many factors played a role in the success of  this campaign thus far, some of which can be seen simply by a visit to the Barack Obama’s website –  This website is a blueprint for anyone looking for a reference of an absolutely flawless machine of effective internet marketing which by the way has helped propelled this campaign to raising nearly half  a billion dollars in donations – A political campaign record.  So how did they do it?  Well,  I will attempt to dissect certain marketing elements that I believe assisted in the extreme success of this campaign and hope  that I can shed some light on areas where you can improve your  marketing efforts in your design businesses.

For the next few weeks I will be talking about:

  • The role social networking played in the success of the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign
  • Branding and Logo Design – The techniques and strategies used to effectively brand Senator Barack Obama as the “CHANGE” candidate.
  • SEO and inbound marketing efforts that help create an influx of web traffic to the Barack Obama website.
  • Website esthetics, ease of use and how the Barack Obama website manages the customer’s buying cycle and website conversion
  • The advertising and marketing tools that contributed to effectively reaching even more supporters to help build the campaign base.
  • Final results of the 2008 American Election 2008.

To make it more interesting I’ve decide to do a comparison of the two candidates running for president:  Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain and see if we can deduce who is utilizing their  marketing  efforts most effectively.   So stay tuned – the next post will be on The Role Social Networking Played in the Success of the Barack Obama’s  Presidential Campaign.


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