Branded Designers – The Agency, Open For Business

by Calvin Cox on January 20, 2009

We’ve been working hard, very hard these past few months on some major projects I believe will assist my designer colleagues who are looking to create some success in 2009 and beyond.

We are now in beta for our new website: which has been going very well, Thanks to all our beta testers for taking part in our bug hunting process. BTW, We are still accepting beta testers as we continue to develop the site. [Become A Beta Tester]

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Branded Designers – The Agency,  Camille Wilkinson – Fashion Designer From New York City

We have also started Branded Designers – The Agency. I’ve always had a desire to help young designers grow their businesses. The Agency will do just that. Branded Designers – The Agency is a talent agency focused in the creative industry. We will represent a selected group of designers, providing the personalized service designers need when starting a new venture or simply finding new freelance projects.

We are currently accepting applications until we have reached our capacity. The Agency will only represent a few selected designers in order for us to effectively serve the designers we represent. All remaining applications will be placed on our waiting list.

To apply simply submit your profile on and send us an email title: Branded Designers Application, please include your name, title and location in the email.
I looking forward to working with you.

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