Can A Hunch[.com] Help You Build Your Design Firm’s Brand?

by Calvin Cox on June 17, 2009


The other day I played around with, a new website that answers your questions. As I got more into it, I realized that it also allows you to add your own questions to their database, which immediately intrigued me.

First, I had to figure out what the answer would be… and of course, the answer is Styleapple… So what is the question? As I was thinking on what the question should be, I realized that that my mindset suddenly moved from the CEO of Styleapple to the Designer or Design Firms who would be looking to use our branding design services.

So the obvious question was “What Design Portfolio Website Should I Use?” To get to the answer, a user would then be asked a series of questions that would hopefully lead them to the most accurate answer. And it was at that moment, that I realized if Styleapple weren’t significantly different from the other design portfolio websites, then this would be all for nothing.

The same is true for your design firm’s brand. What questions can your clients ask you about your design firm that would eliminate your competition from the running?  What are you doing, or what services are you offering that your competition is not?  It’s really important to know the answers to these questions if you’re serious about becoming successful in the design industry.

Branding yourself, or your design business is just as important as starting the business. At the moment you conceive your business plan, you should immediately be thinking about your plans to becoming branded.

Just for fun I’ve embedded the question I created on Hunch. See if your result is Styleapple. If it is, I’d like to hear about it, If it isn’t… well, keep it to yourself…..  😉

Which design portfolio website should I use? – make thousands more decisions on

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