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Should I Quit My Job To Start My Business?

by Calvin Cox on April 10, 2013

Advertisement   The go hard or go home message may be a little soft in this “new” economy. If it’s true what they say about depressed times forces out the best entrepreneurial ideas then they must not have experienced this current (…)

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Woe To The Struggling Designer…

by Calvin Cox on September 10, 2009

Illustration by Camille Wilkinson The Article and Illustration by Camille Wilkinson details the complexities of a young fashion designer’s journey to becoming a success in the fashion design industry. Camille Wilkinson is a 25 year design industry veteran, currently freelancing (…)

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10 Things To Look For When Hiring A Fashion Designer

by Calvin Cox on July 23, 2009

Fashion Illustration by Camille Wilkinson I know as a design professional, finding the right designer to do a specific job can be time consuming and somewhat difficult, much less trying to find one when you’re outside the design industry and (…)

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Top 10 Fashion Design Blogs/Websites Young Designers Should Know.

by Calvin Cox on October 15, 2008

Advertisement   I’ve been on a mission searching for fashion designers or  fashion design companies who use their blogs to effectively promote their businesses.   This list will inevitably grow, so if you’d like to be included send me your link. (…)

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Top 10 Reasons Fashion Designers Have a Hard Time Dating!

by Calvin Cox on July 9, 2008

  Confessions of a heterosexual fashion designer. 10 Fashion Designers tend to be very emotional; hence very unstable. 9 Fashion Designers can be very messy and disorganized 8 Fashion Designers always wants to talk about their latest fashion show or (…)

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