Choose Your Web Designer Like You’re Choosing Your Next Girlfriend!

by Calvin Cox on March 13, 2009


Here you are- brand new plan for a great business idea. This is the one, the big idea that will propel you to financial independence. You’ve already picked out the business colors and logo design concept, selected a couple of websites you’d like your company’s website to mirror. You’ve sized up your competition and have located the niche you’re pretty sure you can satisfy.

Now it’s time to develop your website. You have done the necessary research, found the ‘perfect’ web designer and are ready to get started. Your web designer says he needs you to detail as much as possible exactly what you want. You give him your full list of requirements – business colors, websites you like, a list of preferred fonts, and tell him to hit it out of the park… Three months later your website is completed and is nothing like you envisioned… Why? What happened?

Before I answer that, I would like to say as a designer with major entrepreneurial tendencies that I’ve learned a lot about the business of design. There are many things that I learned the hard way admittedly, and others that I’ve gotten sound advice for. This is one advice, I would put in the sound advice category.

Branding is an interesting process. I believe that branding is more of a study of psychology than design. One of the things most overlooked when starting a branding campaign is the importance of the branding ideas, and promise being shared from the very beginning; from the CEO, to the employees, to the HR department, and right down the line to the woman that cleans the office at the end of the day.

It’s a mental collection of your brand ideas with everyone involved, that when combined in their most potent form enables an amazing brand synergy leading to major branding success for your new venture.

That being said, the web designer you choose should be engaged in this branding process as well. For he is more or less the architect of your dreams into their digital form. Therefore, take the time to find a freelance designer or design company that truly have a vested interest in your success.

How you find that designer or design company is an entire discussion onto itself. We had a heated discussion about this very topic here, and you should also check out David Airey’s post on Design Agency Vs. Freelancer to get you started.

Back to your web designer:

He/she should not only want to know your colors and font preferences, but also inquire about your company’s vision, your thoughts, your mission statement, your brand promise, your taglines, your wife and kids if necessary…..okay maybe not the wife.  🙂  Your web designer must be a partner in the process. He should be the most important person at this juncture. After all, he will be the translator of your dreams into their digital reality.

He/she has the ability to provide a user experience that mimics and marries well with your company’s brand promise. By engaging him early, you allow him to think of ways to implement not only your physical requirements on paper, but also the mission, vision, and brand promise of your company. Maybe he chooses just the right color orange or perhaps the typography and color combinations or button shape that speaks directly to your demographics.

Choose your web designer like you’re choosing your next girlfriend or boyfriend. Because more than likely you’ll be spending a lot of time with them, agreeing, disagreeing, arguing, breaking up and making up. Everything that a relationship goes through in order to grow and become successful.

My brother once told me that I should find a good web developer and stick with him or her (like a girlfriend) And today I say the same to you. Take the time to choose the right guy or gal for the job and your company will thank you for it many times over. Trust me!


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