Designers Who Stay Focused… Fail

by Calvin Cox on November 24, 2008

designer workaholic-imageI’ve  been terribly busy lately with the development of the Styleapple website that I haven’t had the time to do much of anything else… until I was reminded of the past. Where I started my business and neglected everything around me including my fiancé at the time. I figured once I got the business up and running,  I would do everything else.  BIG MISTAKE.

Being consistent is important in building a business but it is not equivalent to being narrow minded and obsessive ultimately neglecting everything else; the latter can lead to both business and family failure.

As designers we tend to be very passionate about what we do, which is fine.  Just be sure to balance your work life with family and friends. Sometimes your best ideas and breakthroughs come from the outside and when you’re not so focused.   The article that pulled me out of the black hole was by Eric Shannon of who wrote an interesting top 10 list on ‘How to Fail in Business on the Internet‘.

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