Does Social Media Networking Really Influence Your Brand Reputation? The Numbers May Surprise You!.

by Calvin Cox on February 18, 2009

According to the latest  Marketing Sherpa “Chart of the Week”  Social media networking absolutely influences your brand reputation. 92% of companies polled said that social media marketing is effective in building their brand reputation.  Some of the other interesting numbers included:  Increase Brand Awareness? :  91% said yes, Increase search Engine Rankings? : 87%  said yes, and Increase Website Traffic: 87% said yes.

social media networking chart on branding

Building your company’s brand reputation can be both tricky and fragile in today’s social media driven economy. However, if managed correctly building your brand image online can be both interesting and potentially lucrative for you. Even in an economic downturn your clients and customers are still actively looking for you online. Effectively utilizing search engine marketing coupled with the right social networking tools can advance your business from startup to simply becoming a star in your industry.

As you know I’m CEO of Styleapple – The Branded Designers Social Network.  We help designers and design companies with their online or digital branding strategies.   Recently I’ve come clean admitting that I am indeed, a social media junkie,  which on the web is almost impossible to stay sober.  Social Networking sites are everywhere.  The trick is to know which ones are best for your business.

Some of the social networking tools I currently use for marketing and promoting my business are Twitter, Twitterfeed,  LinkedIn, Flickr, Styleapple (A social networking site we’ve developed to promote and market design companies brands), The Branded Designers Blog, Designfloat,  Digg, Small Business Brief, and Sphinn to name a few.

Your first step is to find social networking communities where the members are either the demographics of your customers, clients or potential business contacts. Take an active role in discussions and really make an effort to be ‘social’ , offer your help and expertise in asking and answering group questions. A great resource on social networking do’s and don’ts is  Eric Brantner Article on the 10 Secrets of the Best Social Media Users

You can also find a great list of social media sites with descriptions of the kind of industry and benefits of each site from the following two articles: 48 Social News Websites You Can Use and 10 Great Places To Promote Your Designs.

Social media marketing has been tried and tested, no more excuses. This is a great time to build your design company’s brand, whether you’re a startup or have been around for a while.   Take the time to learn, engage and reap all the benefits of becoming  ‘SOCIAL

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