Forget Great Content, Find Great Images To Increase your Website Traffic!

by Calvin Cox on September 18, 2008

Lately, I’ve been monitoring the traffic to my website very closely.  Depending on the day or what article I post, which ones are picked up or published essentially  dictates what referrals sites show up on my beautiful pie chart 🙂

Website-Visitors-Referral-Chart (1)

Recently I’ve noticed an upward trend  of visitors  coming from the Google image search.   Google search accounts for roughly 40% of my daily traffic,  about 20%  of that comes from Google image searches.   This doesn’t mean  you  should immediately  go and upload as many images as possible to your website or blog (let’s face it, an image search is just that, more than likely your conversion rate on an image search is not worth discussing unless you’re iStockphoto, Getty images or the likes)  but why not take the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of something you’re doing anyway.  For example when you’re uploading an image to your blog or website,  make sure the image is relevant to the content and the name of the image adds value . For example  if you’re writing  a blog about logo design, calling your image, image 1 doesn’t help, instead  logo design 1 or company logo design  might be a more effective name. Placing keyword rich titles and relevant alt tags are all very important to identifying your images.

So the next time you’re uploading an image to your blog or website try not to blow off the minor details to quickly see the preview of your gorgeous layout 🙂  Instead take some time to implement the image details that will give your website the edge in Google ‘s image search results.

Web Design Library wrote a great article on the “9 ways to increase website traffic  using Google image search” The article goes into detail on implementing alt tags anchor texts and even how to set up the enhanced image search feature in Google Webmaster tools.  It’s a worthwhile read. Now,  Is content still king, of course it is, but why not supplement your King with a Queen – your well named , title, tagged  and enhanced image Queen.


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