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Tips Before You Hire – Hiring a designer can be a full time job. So to make your life a tad bit easier we came up with a list of must do’s before you hire for your next big project.

I am very pleased to introduce The Myrmigi Design House Team to our series. Myrmigi Design House is a creative studio that offers high-end creative design services including motion design, graphic design, 3D design, and animation projects (2D/3D).

myrmigi-design-house--profile-photoThe Top 10 Things to Look for
When Hiring a Motion Graphics/Animation Designer.
Written by The Myrmigi Design House Team 1. MARKETING: A social network like “Styleapple” is a very good resource when you are trying to find designers or studios to assign your work. Take a look at their projects, read about them and make your choice depending on what your ideal collaboration would be like.


2. REFERENCES: Ask for references, or get in contact with some of the designer’s / studio stated clients, usually found in his / their website, for a brief comment on their own experience.

3. FIRST CONTACT: Hand in a brief scenario describing the product, or service, you want commercialized and also ask for their own alternative view. Getting a fresher look will help for a more friendly and fluent communication.

4. IN THE BEGGINING: Provide them with your detailed outline, budget and timeframe in order to derive their proposal-s. Review and negotiate their price.

5. ASK FOR MILESTONES: Along with their proposal, the designer / studio should give you timelines and milestones for your project. You have to know when your film/commercial spot will be completed. This will enable you to follow the project and review the progress until the end.

6. STORYBOARD & STYLEFRAMES: After the agreement is made, a good studio will provide you with a storyboard, (a visualized script made of simple drawings) and a couple of illustrations, (style-frames) which show their creative direction towards the final product. Agreeing on design & colour direction, before actual production starts, is critical at this point.

7. PRODUCTION: If the project requires live shooting make sure to be present in the shooting procedure with the designer -s and mutually decide on the outcome. Deciding on shots is essential at this point, as it will save you time and money from re-shooting.

8. MUSIC: Deciding on music designed to accompany your film, before & during post-production, is needed in keeping production flow and allowing more time for revisions or changes that may arise.

9. POST-PRODUCTION: Ask for a preview sample of the work done before final delivery, in order to allow more time for any last, minor, changes. Major changes in this stage of the production, are crucial and may cause timeline delays.

10. DELIVERY: The final Master Tape is handed to you. It’s always nice to reply with a brief comment on your experience or take a short survey that will help in promoting the designer / studio’s work and your own business.

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