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Tips Before You Hire – Hiring a web designer can be a full time job. So to make your life a tad bit easier we came up with a list of must do’s before you hire for your next big project.

Calvin Cox Styleapple Founder10 Things To Put On Your TODO List Before You Hire A Web Designer. Written by Calvin Cox, Founder of Styleapple.

1) BEFORE THE CALL: Know exactly what you want for your website, i.e. color, layout, functionality, pages, content, etc – It’s tedious work but take the time to do it. Trust me the more you know the better.

2) WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING: Write down all the details you want on your site from the homepage layout to the details of the submit button.

3) VETTING IS NOT OPTIONAL: Have each web designer or web design firm you’re interested in send a list of websites they’ve completed so you can take a look at their work. One factor in your choice should be whether or not the company has done a website similar to the one you want. 2 reasons: One-the chances are great that they can do your site, and two- they may be able to use previous modules that they’ve already created on your site which might ultimately reduce your cost.

4) REVIEW REFERENCES: After you’ve narrowed down your list, call all references to get a feel of how well the web designer works with clients.  I.e.  Is he on time?,  How is the quality of his work?  Is he professional and organized?, etc.

5) REVIEW THE PROPOSAL COMPLETELY: Provide the web design firm with your detailed outline of your website for them to derive their proposal – doing the work in the beginning will save you lots of time and money when the project begins. Once the project starts, negotiating the price for a function that you thought was included and wasn’t can be difficult when dealing with the wrong design company.

6) REQUEST A SITEMAP: This is like a flowchart for websites, it’s a complete layout of your website; some companies are reluctant to do it; it’s very time consuming but essential for you to have a visual of how your site will function once completed.

7) ASK FOR MILESTONES: A good web design firm will give you timelines and milestones for the project – you have to know when your website will be completed, even a rough estimate will enable you to follow the project and gauge the progress of your site. Web design projects have a tendency to grow legs, taking much longer than anticipated.

8) THE FINAL CHOICE IS INTELLECTUAL AND EMOTIONAL: When all is said and done. The web designer or design firm you choose will have a major role in your company’s branding design. Make sure they have a genuine interest in your project and are committed to your company’s mission and success. Here are a few things to keep in mind during your selection process:  Are they asking in-depth questions about your product or service? Are they inquiring about what’s most important to you regarding your communication to your customers? These simple things can deliver huge dividends if handled correctly.

Disclaimer: Styleapple is not a partner with the designers or design companies from which you will be receiving project quotes unless otherwise disclosed. Choosing a designer should be based on additional research and project needs. To ensure you’ve chosen the most qualified company make sure to review our tips and advice on how to select the right design company for your project requirements. Thank you

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