How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company

by Chloe Henderson on April 7, 2011

web hosting companiesThe ability to choose the best web hosting solutions is based largely on needs. An analysis of this has to be done before any web developer chooses a web host. There are a variety of companies that offer web hosting solutions and many of them have an array of options to choose from. There are managed hosting services and self- managed solutions. Within these areas there are shared, virtual private and dedicated hosting solutions.

Shared hosting providers are often cheaper because their clients are paying for shared space on a single server. This is often a great start for companies that do not have lots of traffic. These clients are often companies that do not need excessive server space.  Shared hosting companies provide this service by utilizing IP and name-based virtual hosting. This allows one server to have multiple host names that all point back to one IP address.

Other hosting platforms are available in the area of virtual private server hosting. This is almost considered to be a hybrid between dedicated and shared hosting. It’s more expensive than shared, but it’s not as costly as dedicated hosting. Virtual private hosting has some common attributes of both different hosts. Virtual hosts are similar to shared hosting providers in a sense because the clients all still reside on the same server. This is where the similarities end, however, because virtual private servers are split to function like dedicated hosting environments.

The virtual hosting is unique because it splits a server into multiple divisions, and this gives clients the same feel that they would have with a dedicated host. The only one that is really aware of the virtual environment is the provider. Everything looks like a dedicated environment from the client’s standpoint.

Dedicated hosting, however, is the most expensive of all. Clients that opt for this type of environment are usually in search of large amounts of RAM and significant hard drive space. Big corporations utilize dedicated hosting services to back up their files. Some companies may also have lots of traffic and a need for constant up time. This is why some people choose this server over others.

This is only the beginning of choosing the right host. Web developers in need of web hosting solutions still must consider other elements like customer service, reliability, and performance. It’s a myth to assume that the most expensive host is the best one. It’s also a myth to assume that the cheaper hosting services are the worst ones.

Companies that need web hosting solutions must take the time to research the company that they are trusting to house their website. Some companies only have a virtual presence. A website – from this perspective – is the only connection with customers that patronize these cyber stores. Cyber companies cannot afford to have a company that provides inadequate services. They must take the time to make sure that the host supports their needs. The hosting providers work well when the correct one is chosen.

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