Is the Search Engine Game Over?

by Calvin Cox on September 8, 2008

As I’m reading this article on search engine progress after 10 years of Google innovations. 3d google logo I was prepared to answer the question “Is the Search Game Over?”  without  hesitation or delving into the article.  As Google’s  self proclaimed number 1 fan I was sure that the search game was definitely over and Google the undisputed champion.

As most of you know by now, I have an annoying tendency to read between lines and have a habit of superimposing most industries perspectives and ideas into the design industry.  The design industry, like Google has grown tremendously over the past 10 years and have introduced many talented designers and design companies alike to the grand arena of creativity.  As a designer and entrepreneur myself I am both fascinated and intimated by the influx of new companies that hit the internet running.   Part of my daily to-do list is to remind myself of my reasons and passions for pursuing my design goals 🙂

I remember when Google was simply another search engine that wanted to be like Yahoo (at least in my eyes)  and initially they seem to be just one of the many.  But as they develop so did their brand and individual business model that eventually  separated them from the rest.  As a designer in the entrepreneur game,  the crucial lesson I’ve learned when starting out is to always believe that even though your product or service seems like the rest of them, you know that it’s not.  You know that your creativity and service is unparallel to what others are doing and that it’s like being in the marathon of the Beijing Olympics.  You stay in the pack until it’s time to win the race, and that’s when the second wind kicks in.

Designers should pace themselves, hone their skills and continue to be sponges  in this world of information  When it’s time to break away from the crowd…you’ll know taking with you everything you’ve learned and the experiences you’ve had to maintain your lead, like Google.   So… Is the search game over?  Not a chance in hell.  As Michael Arlington of Techcrunch so eloquently put it “If search was 90% solved, Google could look at a picture of me standing by the Eiffel Tower and know, without textual metadata, what’s there. It could return results for a Barack Obama query that include all the videos he’s in, again without relying on tags or other textual metadata. Natural language. Deep web searches. Semantic search. All of these problems are [still] unsolved.”