Is The Social Media The New Hiding Place For Recruiters?

by Calvin Cox on August 26, 2008


Ok I admit it; I’m kind of a social media junkie.  You know you listen to people talk about being addicted to Twitter, Facebook, and the likes but its only when you really get into it and fully utilize these resources correctly that you realize how great a networking tool these websites really are.

I’m a part of quite a few networks and groups across the internet. You can find me on  Twitter- @calvincox, Creative Design Pros on LinkedIN, Creative Design Pros on Facebook, Pro Marketers on LindedIN, LinkedHR group on LinkedIN, you name it I’m probably in it.  And what I’ve noticed is the  high caliber of group members sincerely looking to network and find resources and sometimes  even Human resources.

I’ve come across recruiters  looking to fill positions by sending out emails to group members  asking if we knew of anyone that could fill certain design positions at their companies.  Just imagine if you were a group member looking for just that job or project?  How cool would that be?  It’s like sitting having lunch (without the lunch of course)with a recruiter  you wouldn’t have otherwise met- considering  all the weeding out a design company does before even looking at your resume or design portfolio.  I hope the wheels are turning in your head enough for you to  go out and find groups that are related to your field of interest.  This could  possibly be the inside track you’ve been looking  for.   CC

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