Is Your Company’s Brand Promise Different Enough To Succeed In A Recession?

by Calvin Cox on March 2, 2009

stand out in a crowd

Being that my primary job responsibility involves working with designers and design firm brands. I get a chance to see many design firms websites, portfolios, taglines, logos, advertising, social media avatars, etc, etc.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of design firms and designers going after the same market, especially now in a recession. What is it that sets you apart from your competition? Are you giving enough thought to what your design firm brand promise is? Is your company’s brand promise different enough be remembered and relevant enough to your clients and customers. Allen Adamson, author of the book BrandSimple suggest that finding an obvious area that is not being addressed in your industry is a good place to start.

On our social media site, Styleapple.comthe branded designers social network. We give designers and design companies the opportunity to promote themselves primarily through there brand idea or tagline. By doing this we force designers who haven’t thought about their brand promise to do just that; think about what they would like their demographics to know about them in 45 characters or less. It is important, especially now that your potential customers or clients know what you stand for in a simple easy to understand statement or promise.

What is your design company’s tagline or brand promise? What is that product or service or guarantee that will get your clients emotionally attached to your brand?

Here is my brand challenge to you. Find 10 companies in your industry that you respect and consider your direct competition, figure out what their brand ideas are; whether it’s their tagline or type of clients they market to (should be simple to find if they are effectively branding themselves). Then look at your brand idea or tagline or client roster and ask yourself. Am I offering something different and relevant enough to compete or am I just 1 in the 10,000 plus design companies hoping that my clients will choose me from a coin toss…

What is your design company’s brand promise?


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