Learning How to Blog From A YOUTUBE Competitor!

by Calvin Cox on August 18, 2008

Is The “U” Missing From Your Company’s Blog ?

Not the letter “U” but “You”  the noun, the individual.  A lot of company blogs are boring.  There written by the marketing guy that’s been writing press releases for 30 years and now has to transition to the” go to” guy for their blogs.  When I read company blogs I feel as though I’m reading a User’s Manual; and you all know how we feel about User Manuals.

The companies  in the know have changed the way they are perceived by adding a persona to their brands through their blogs.  I saw a great approach to blogging or more so customer relations on vimeo.com.  They have included digital video of employees working on new releases and have made it very personal -allowing visitors to feel like they are part of the development process.

Plus: Stats from Blake Whitman on Vimeo.

Companies, especially design companies should really take a closer look at how their customers are viewing them , most times the only vision of a company is their presence on the internet which in large is their blog persona.  Don’t just choose someone you think is smart or cool to blog for you.  Make sure that individual can relate to your demographic and can talk their lingo. One way to know is to research other blogs and forums in your industry for insight.  This way you can mimic the discussions and invite the conversation about your product and services to your  doorstep- your company’s blog.

What are some things you’ve done to put a face on your blog?


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