New Social Network Launches to Get Designers Branded.

by Calvin Cox on April 21, 2009

It’s Official, Styleapple – The Branded Designers Social Network Has Launched

We have arrived.  Our website is now live and we are so excited.  After several months of very hard work, I am happy to announce that we are officially “open for business”  If you haven’t already, remember to create your designer or design company profile on the Styleapple website.  Our appetite for helping designers “Get Branded” are bigger than our stomachs, so don’t miss this opportunity to partner with us on our mission to get you branded.

Thank you everyone for all the support and hard work you’ve put into this project.

I’ve included our press release below:

btw:  Our release is also on Yahoo News, please buzz us up: Here is the link: LAUNCH SPRING 2009:  New Social Network Launches To Get Designers Branded

Thanks again guys.

LAUNCH SPRING 2009: New Social Network Launches to Get Designers Branded

The focus of Styleapple is to provide a collaborative marketing network for designers and design firms to promote and build their brands.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 21, 2009 — “We find that in order to effectively build a brand, collaborative engagement with potential customers and clients is essential. Companies who become actively involved in the design community through a series of social networking and integrated marketing techniques see much better results,” said Calvin Cox, founder of Styleapple.

The Styleapple network was developed primarily to help designers and design firms standout from their competition through Styleapple’s commitment to the branding process. With that said, most if not all present and subsequent integration of marketing and social networking tools are based on Neumeier’s five basic principles of branding.

(1)   Differentiate: Focus. Focus. Focus – Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter?
(2)   Collaborate: Your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they (clients and customers) say it is.
(3)   Innovate – Creativity is what give brands traction in the marketplace. “How do you know when an idea is innovative – When it scares the hell out of everyone.”
(4)   Validate – Feedback. Feedback. Feedback. Bring your audience into the creative process.
(5)   Cultivate: Brand building is a process, not an entity. A living brand is a pattern of behavior, not a stylish veneer.

“The challenge is no longer only about finding a creative vision, it’s now more so about bringing that vision to the marketplace successfully,” explains Calvin.

As Styleapple continues to develop a network for design firms to successfully market their brands. They are adamant about the development of effective social media tools that will expand their members brands seamlessly across the web, ultimately and intuitively reaching their demographics while separating them from their competition. As is evident from the Styleapple tag line: STANDOUT– Get Branded.

“We are very excited about bringing Styleapple to the design community. Our mission is to provide the marketing (tools, space, resources, framework) that enables designers to be successful at what they do best,” concludes Calvin.

Styleapple Is The Branded Designers Social Network. Styleapple is a social network developed for creative professionals seeking to effectively promote and market their design businesses, whether you are a novice freelance designer or an established design firm looking to build your brand.

Founded by Calvin Cox, a former New York Fashion Designer and a Fashion Institute of Technology Alumni, Styleapple’s global design community boasts a cross section of creative pros with backgrounds in art, advertising fashion design, industrial design, interior design as well as interactive design, illustration, animation and web design to name a few.

Our goal is simple, to develop a platform that will effectively utilize social networking and inbound marketing techniques to promote and build your design company’s brand. For more information please visit

Source: Styleapple, Inc


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