Quick Random Things I Find Online While Looking For Something Else That Is Worth Mentioning As Effective Portfolio Design.

by Calvin Cox on December 1, 2009


Designer/Illustrator:  Andy Quick

As you know my job is portfolios. I eat and sleep design portfolios all day, every day. Sounds boring? Not in the least. I love seeing new portfolios and exploring a new designer’s creativity. But there is a catch – I have an ulterior motive.

I look for things that are effective portfolio design. Effective from a usability and marketing perspective. I mean at the end of the day isn’t it all about getting new clients? My routine is that when new designers sign up on Styleapple I do a quick once over of their portfolio on the site as well as their external portfolio. Make a decision fairly quickly whether or not I’m a fan.

I am by no means absolute judge and jury when it comes to portfolio design but I’m no different than the next guy. Some I’ll like and some I won’t.  So let’s get to it. Andy Quick is an illustrator from the UK. I like the way his portfolio summarizes.

Thumbnails with description… cool. Thumbnail opens up seamlessly into a larger image of the project… very cool. All projects place on one page for easy scrolling and quick viewing… sexy. Quick previews of the projects cycling through on top…. very sexy. Great job Andy and welcome to Styleapple.

As far as my blog title goes… after finishing my post I realized that maybe what I do is not that random and maybe I wasn’t looking for something else. But hated to get rid of it… so there I said it. Oh I also wanted to piss off the SEO voice in my head who kept telling me that the title was way too long… Sometimes you just gotta live a little 🙂

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