Should I Quit My Job To Start My Business?

by Calvin Cox on April 10, 2013



The go hard or go home message may be a little soft in this “new” economy. If it’s true what they say about depressed times forces out the best entrepreneurial ideas then they must not have experienced this current recession. I can’t speak for other countries, but Americans have really taken a big hit in this recession. From losing our life savings and our homes, people are very nervous about taking any major financial risks, including starting a new business.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m a big proponent of young entrepreneurs and I think the desire must continuously be fed.   The problem that exist for me is that even though most entrepreneurs have the drive and vision to create something brand new, they still have to eat like everyone else does.  Some of us have families that we have to provide for and so on.  So as much as I would like to say go hard or go home.  I’m more inclined to say go hard and go home.  meaning that you should consider having a job that will support your life and family(and keeping your house

business verses job decisionmortgage payment current) while working hard on getting your business up when you’re not at your day job.  For example if you’re a fashion designer who desire to one day own your own fashion label, instead of launching your own business with hopes of being an instant success, why not curb your enthusiasm a bit, find a job that would marry well with your intended business goals. Perhaps one that would complement your business model and as well as enhance your effectiveness on your job.   For example a young fashion entreprenuer may be a great personal shopper or Stylist where their fashion design skills can easily transfer to helping individual clients.  As a personal shopper your primary goal is assist clients with their wardrobe choices. While suggesting outfits to your clients it may be OK to suggest some of your own pieces to complete an outfit or two. You have now effectively leveraged your day job to assist in the growth of your future business.

I believe in today’s economy, having a job should one of  the steps a young entrepreneur needs to add to his list of ToDos when planning to start a new business.

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