Startup Business Website Cost = Website Budget x 2 + (Marketing Budget + Lunch Money)

by Calvin Cox on February 8, 2010




Piggy Bank breaking the bank

Being an entrepreneur for many years, I’ve come to the conclusion that the sooner you accept that budgeting for a startup business website is as illusive as figuring out Google’s algorithm for search,you’d be in a much better place.

If you’re an internet entrepreneur or any kind of business owner for that matter,chances are good that a large amount of your business success will depend on your online presence.With that said; the top 3 things young entrepreneurs worry about all the time are… finance, finance and more finance.Most entrepreneurs have a business idea and a plan to succeed.What most of us are lacking is the ability to budget our startup costs effectively.In our defense though, it can be difficult to predict what expenses a new business will incur as it grows.

Building or designing a brand these days is more about building an effective online presence.Which means finding a designer who is both talented and knowledgeable to understand and effectively implement your branding design strategies.I’m not going to bore you with a branding design lecture at this point, but take a look at this great presentation on the importance of branding design below.

View more presentations from coolstuff.

It is my position that if you’re building a business to succeed, you should be mindful of the core ingredients for success.Hiring the right web designer to build your website isone of those core ingredients.


Getting Website Design Services For Free

The ideal option is to find a worthy web developer and offer him a partnership in your new venture in exchange for his expertise. This will not only allow for a possible continuous and quality development of your company and brand identity, but also a major reduction in your startup cost.

Hiring a Freelancer or Web Design Firm

If on the other hand, you choose not to partner with a web designer then your next option would be to hire a freelancer or web design firm.

How To Budget For A Web Design Project

Many young entrepreneurs get the initial quote froma web designer and allocate the respective funds as their  web development budget.The problem with this is that the initial quote that a designer gives you seldom proves to be the one you end up paying.Sometimes it maybe less but most times it ends up being more.Much more.

As a designer starts a project, he/she may not know the obstacles that will occur as the project gets on-the-way.This is especially true for custom website design.

Custom website design can sometimes involve lots of programming which is not an exact science, hence, can easily add hours to your project, ultimately increasing your website budget.

So you should be aware about these things upfront as you’re negotiating the terms of agreement.If you’re on a tight budget (like most young entrepreneurs), try to negotiate a project price instead of an hourly rate.This way you’re sure to be able to manage your money a little better.  Another way to plan for the unexpected is to create a detailed design brief , outlining your business strategies and project requirements.

Do You Have A Post Launch Budget ?

Another thing most entrepreneurs overlook is the post launch expense of a website.

When a website is launched, aside from the inevitable bugs that will come up, there are many things that will not be apparent until your visitors start to use your website. For example:

·How user friendly is the website ?

·Is your call to action buttons in the right places ?

·Are your signup forms too long or difficult to fill out ?

·Are the landing pages effective ?

Once you determine that the Buy Now buttons should be green instead of light blue and that you’d rather have a search bar at the top of the home page instead of a link on the side bar. You’re talking about more time and hence more money.

These are just some of the things you should be mindful of as you budget, negotiate and ultimately hire  a web designer for your startup company.

What have been your experience with budgeting for a website design project?

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