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by Calvin Cox on February 7, 2009

Your Blog Articles Are Your Design Company’s Assets. They Must Be Protected At All Cost. Last week I received a Google Alert for my domain name I use Google Alerts to follow my brand online. Great tool to use (…)

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Forget Great Content, Find Great Images To Increase your Website Traffic!

by Calvin Cox on September 18, 2008

Lately, I’ve been monitoring the traffic to my website very closely.  Depending on the day or what article I post, which ones are picked up or published essentially  dictates what referrals sites show up on my beautiful pie chart 🙂 (…)

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Learning How to Blog From A YOUTUBE Competitor!

by Calvin Cox on August 18, 2008

Is The “U” Missing From Your Company’s Blog ? Not the letter “U” but “You”  the noun, the individual.  A lot of company blogs are boring.  There written by the marketing guy that’s been writing press releases for 30 years (…)

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15 Things Super Successful Bloggers Do All The Time

by Calvin Cox on August 13, 2008

1. Create Cheeky Blog Titles Blog titles are just as important as the blog content itself “at Hubspot, we probably spend close to half our time thinking about a cheeky blog title and half our time actually writing the article.” (…)

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