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How to Write a Blog Title That Shows Up On DIGGs Front Page.

by Calvin Cox on August 5, 2008

We all wonder how they do it. Articles with 2500 DIGGs and counting. Well in my research I found out a few things that I’ll share with you. Even though it’s not rocket science it does take a bit of (…)

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Top 15 Most Effective Marketing Techniques For a Young Fashion Designer

by Calvin Cox on August 1, 2008

Advertisement UPDATE: 2/18/2009 [Since this post, I was able to find 10 Fashion Design Blogs/Websites Young Designers Should Know.  Love to find more so if you own a great fashion design blog or know of a blog that focuses on young (…)

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“Twitter is Both the Coolest and Stupidest Thing Ever”

by Calvin Cox on July 23, 2008

“Twitter is both the coolest and stupidest thing ever.”, a twitter comment from a respected internet marketer.  I couldn’t resist, it was such acool title for a blog post. Hmmm, are there copyrights on tweets? 🙂 I don’t think so- (…)

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