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10 Decisions Your Client Will Make Before Hiring You For A Design Project.

by Calvin Cox on April 2, 2009

Early last week I wrote an article from a Salesman’s perspective in sharing with you my top 10 list of features all design portfolio websitesshould have. Today, I’m writing this post from the shoes of your potential client. When I decided (…)

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Choose Your Web Designer Like You’re Choosing Your Next Girlfriend!

by Calvin Cox on March 13, 2009

Here you are- brand new plan for a great business idea. This is the one, the big idea that will propel you to financial independence. You’ve already picked out the business colors and logo design concept, selected a couple of (…)

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Top 7 Reasons Why It’s Better to Hire a Freelance Designer or Small Design Firm Than a Large Design Company.

by Calvin Cox on August 20, 2008

There are many options when hiring a web designer or design company in general.  I mean the list is seriously endless. So the question is how do you find the right design company to build your website or complete your (…)

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