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Woe To The Struggling Designer…

by Calvin Cox on September 10, 2009

Illustration by Camille Wilkinson The Article and Illustration by Camille Wilkinson details the complexities of a young fashion designer’s journey to becoming a success in the fashion design industry. Camille Wilkinson is a 25 year design industry veteran, currently freelancing (…)

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A Swift Kick in the Butt And A Bit of Inspiration From Just Creative Design.

by Calvin Cox on January 28, 2009

Just Creative Design, Jacob Cass Interviews Veteran Designers About Staying Focused. Design as you know is not like anything else in the realm of career choices. Most times you find yourself hoping that you were not chosen to follow the (…)

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Is the Search Engine Game Over?

by Calvin Cox on September 8, 2008

As a designer in the entrepreneur game, the crucial lesson I’ve learned when starting out is to always believe that even though your product or service seems like the rest of them, you know that it’s not. You know that your creativity and service is unparallel to what others are doing and that it’s like being in the marathon of the Beijing Olympics. You stay in the pack until it’s time to win the race, and that’s when the second wind kicks in.

Designer Spotted: Fashion Designer Colleen Quen Said “I Can!” & She Did!

by Calvin Cox on August 7, 2008

Designer Colleen Quen in 2004 was talking about aspiring to become an influential fashion designer in the industry and today she is just that. She has been featured in print and television and has transformed her fashion business from I (…)

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