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RULE #1 In Finding A Design Job In This Economy: STOP Looking For One!

by Calvin Cox on February 7, 2010

When I decided to write this article I was inspired by all the people I knew that were having trouble finding work; some for a few months, others moving into a year.  It got me thinking about the extended length of (…)

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Is The Social Media The New Hiding Place For Recruiters?

by Calvin Cox on August 26, 2008

Ok I admit it; I’m kind of a social media junkie.  You know you listen to people talk about being addicted to Twitter, Facebook, and the likes but its only when you really get into it and fully utilize these (…)

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5 Reasons Designers Should Use a Blog Instead of a Website

by Calvin Cox on June 2, 2008

Many of you are probably thinking the same thing. I’m a designer… not a blogger. Thereason I know this is because I’m also guilty of saying the same thing until I became aware of the overwhelming benfits of blogging. I (…)

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Top 10 Reasons Designers Fail – And Why it’s All in their Heads

by Calvin Cox on May 27, 2008

Here it is, my top 10 reasons designers fail to reach their creative potential. Whether your goal is to get more work or simply to gain more exposure in order to get more work. As a designer it took me (…)

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