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10 Things To Know Before You Hire An Interior Designer

by Calvin Cox on November 12, 2009

Image From The Design Portfolio of Amanda Reid The Styleapple Hire A Designer series continues with Amanda L. Reid, President & Principal Designer at MANDARINASTUDIO. Amanda has nearly a decade of experience in various levels of interior design services for (…)

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The [Graphic Designer -Web Designer-Fashion Designer] Artist Loses Out in The Social Media Sphere.

by Calvin Cox on February 6, 2009

Design Job Description: “JACK OF ALL TRADES… NOT WANTED” I meet designers who are involved in so many areas of design it’s insane.  I mean I understand how common this is, after all creativity expands.  It is normal for a designer (…)

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Are You A Branded Designer? Take The iPhone Brand Test

by Calvin Cox on July 12, 2008

The post today is about personal branding; This is a topic I know I’ll revisit again and again but wanted to get my feet wet and get your marketing marbles rolling. I’m sure that I’m not introducing you to anything (…)

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