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Branded Designers Defined

by Calvin Cox on September 25, 2008

When I decided to start this blog,  I was looking for a name that would represent my focus on exploring creative marketing techniques to promote and grow the careers and businesses of designers and design companies.  Most of what I’ve (…)

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The Genius of Social Media Networking. Finally, No More Lies

by Calvin Cox on August 28, 2008

I am a strong supporter of design companies that stand by their names and have a strong sense of value and integrity. I know it sounds like the beginnings of a speech for the Small Business Owners of America. But (…)

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What’s The Point Of Getting 10,000 New Visitors To Your Website When Your Conversion Rate Sucks!

by Calvin Cox on August 25, 2008

We are so pleased when we see numbers like 5,000, 10,000 visitors per month to our websites, and for others even more. But the real question is how many of those visitors are turning into customers. Or if you own (…)

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Social Media Tips For Your Design Business From A Wine Expert

by Calvin Cox on August 22, 2008

I talk about business marketing a lot for one reason only – I love it.  Finding ways to market and grow my design business comes second only to my wife, seriously.  I started following Gary Vaynerchuk after my wife showed (…)

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How To Launch A New Website To Maximize Your Site Visitors?

by Calvin Cox on August 19, 2008

Advertisement What does it mean to maximize your site visitors? Well… the idea is to squeeze out as many visitors as ‘legally’ possible out of the search engines, the pay per click campaigns, your banner ads, your email blasts, word (…)

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15 Things Super Successful Bloggers Do All The Time

by Calvin Cox on August 13, 2008

1. Create Cheeky Blog Titles Blog titles are just as important as the blog content itself “at Hubspot, we probably spend close to half our time thinking about a cheeky blog title and half our time actually writing the article.” (…)

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Top 15 Most Effective Marketing Techniques For a Young Fashion Designer

by Calvin Cox on August 1, 2008

Advertisement UPDATE: 2/18/2009 [Since this post, I was able to find 10 Fashion Design Blogs/Websites Young Designers Should Know.  Love to find more so if you own a great fashion design blog or know of a blog that focuses on young (…)

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“Twitter is Both the Coolest and Stupidest Thing Ever”

by Calvin Cox on July 23, 2008

“Twitter is both the coolest and stupidest thing ever.”, a twitter comment from a respected internet marketer.  I couldn’t resist, it was such acool title for a blog post. Hmmm, are there copyrights on tweets? 🙂 I don’t think so- (…)

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