The Genius of Social Media Networking. Finally, No More Lies

by Calvin Cox on August 28, 2008

I am a strong supporter of design companies that stand by their names and have a strong sense of value and integrity. I know it sounds like the beginnings of a speech for the Small Business Owners of America. But seriously, I’ve been at the other end of a well spoken and polished salesman backed by a less than stellar design company with accolades anyone would have agreed was good enough to trust from sources like Inc. 500 and the Better Business Bureau. I say all that to say that no longer is a company’s validation and reputation left up to bureaus with no faces or awards with no merit. Companies now have to prove to their consumers directly, that they are who they say they are. Having said all that, it’s the companies that are most transparent that will become super successful going forward. The companies that are willing to expose themselves to their clients and customers are the ones that will really benefit from this social media surge. Which, in a cool way lends itself to a better more honest business relationship between client, customer and company. Isn’t that awesome, a customer-company relationship with honesty built in. The Genius of Social Media.

Please share with me your thoughts on this.  Can the social media really change the way businesses do business?

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