The [Graphic Designer -Web Designer-Fashion Designer] Artist Loses Out in The Social Media Sphere.

by Calvin Cox on February 6, 2009

Design Job Description: “JACK OF ALL TRADES… NOT WANTED”

I meet designers who are involved in so many areas of design it’s insane.  I mean I understand how common this is, after all creativity expands.  It is normal for a designer to know and have an interest in many things creative.   I say,  continue to immerse  yourself in the creative culture.  It’s a great way to add to your inspiration and design perspective.  BUT….  You should choose what area of design you want your clients to see when promoting and marketing your design business.

The social media and the advent of the global design community have made the design industry a fruitful declaration of art and creativity.  We are seeing the most talented people  ever, showcasing incredible works of  art from graphic design to fashion design to animation design and so on.

We no longer need to find someone that can do it all.  We are looking for someone that can do it right…. Which translates to someone that eats and sleeps a certain area of design.  So If you are a fashion designer  with major illustration capabilities.  Decide which one you want to be, a designer or illustrator – at least to your clients. Jack-Of-All-Trades Please do not misunderstand me.  I’m not saying to stop illustrating.  What I’m simply saying is to market and promote the fact that you are a fashion designer that does beautiful illustrations of  your clothing as oppose to being a Fashion designer and an Illustrator.  Use your other assets (in this case your illustration abilities) as the supporting cast for your number one priority (Fashion Design)  This will then add value to your services rather than dilute your expertise. We are now in the time of experts and no longer need a jack of all trades, when a specialist is a click away.

“Thanks for listening”  Just a thought I had as I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine about branding strategies for design companies and wanted to share with my you.

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