Too Much Creative Competition? Why Green Design Might Be Your Solution!

by Calvin Cox on July 21, 2008

styleapple logo green design promotionIn some circles green design is an oxymoron. In other circles it’s simply something that should be left up to the gurus of the world! The other day I was getting ready to pickup my wife from the train station, when she insisted that I walked instead of drive. To save myself from possibly being cursed out AGAIN, I conceded. She said that we needed to start ‘green living’ and that walking was the first step (I knew the National Geographic channel in HD was a bad idea :)) Anyway – needless to say I walked to pick her up; and have been walking ever since. Now I’m only one guy that decided to start walking; my impact is negligible (except for the few pounds I’ve lost :)) But if we all walked and decided to ‘go green’ we might be able to accomplish something other than weight loss.


Making the decision to become a green designer or a green design company can be intimating, after all you’ll have to change the way you think, work and behave. I know it’s a lot to ask but it’s really necessary. Besides, there are some really great benefits to be had from saving the earth; (I MEAN OTHER THAN LIVING!) I spoke about becoming a branded designer in a recent post and can’t help but think that going green can be a real opportunity for setting yourself apart from your competition. I recently started a group on LinkedIN called the GREEN DESIGN PROS who’sstyleapple GREEN DESIGN PROS logo UPDATED focus is on networking and the exchanging of green design ideas, projects and career opportunities. There are lots of great green resources out there for you to take advantage of, I’ve started a list of Green articles and Projects that will get you started on your way to using your talents to making a ‘green’ living and saving the earth 😉 Please let me know if you know of any additional resources I can place on my Green Design Wall; CHEERS.

green design wall



  1. Treehugger Green Design Jobs
  2. Juju Green Design Jobs (From multiple job boards)
  3. Simply Hired Green Design Job Listings


  • Great List of Green Design Blogs Here


  • You can find all things green from green companies to green design jobs at


  • March 5, 2009 – Green Tips for Aspiring Fashion Designers
  • The 2009 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation is having their annual fashion design competition and is for the first time introducing a sustainable design category; This is a great opportunity to focus your talents on design as well as finding new ways of helping to solve our green earth crisis; of course the $25000 prize to put on your own fashion show during New York Fashion Week does hurt either. They have started accepting applications; more information go to: Green Design


  • There is a Green Earth International Graphic Design Competition going on right now. This could be a great exposure opportunity; and at the same time possibly get you the 1st , 2nd or 3rd place prize. Not a bad deal for going green. For more information go to: Going Green
  • Creating a Green Business: Megan Prusynski has written a few great articles on the subject.
For Additional Green Design Resources, visit our Branded Green Design Pro ToolBOX

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