Top 15 Most Effective Marketing Techniques For a Young Fashion Designer

by Calvin Cox on August 1, 2008


UPDATE: 2/18/2009

project runway sweet p  fashion sketch[Since this post, I was able to find 10 Fashion Design Blogs/Websites Young Designers Should Know.  Love to find more so if you own a great fashion design blog or know of a blog that focuses on young fashion designers, please share…]  My initial post was going to be strictly about internet marketing techniques for young fashion designers and as I started writing I realized that there were also some really cool offline marketing techniques that have worked for me and wanted to share those with you as well. I know how difficult it is to start a collection as a young fashion designer and have since learned from the things that I did wrong and also some that I did right. Breaking into the fashion industry is not an easy thing to do, so I’ve decided to start a list of marketing techniques so that young fashion designers can get discovered. So if you know of other marketing techniques you have used to get noticed or picked up by a store or boutique, I would definitely like to hear about them. CHEERS.

1) Blog First Design Portfolio Second:

I’m a huge fan of blogging for your business. I was searching online for fashion designers who blog and had a very hard time locating them. As a new fashion designer, blogging allow others to get to know you, see your vision and design perspective – you can talk about your inspiration for your collections and about your background as it relates to current fashion trends. On your blog you should have a link to your design portfolio as well as a fun bio to accompany it. Your Portfolio should have a definite way for your customers to either purchase your collection or directions to where they can go. I would also recommend having a link if possible to the online store(s) and item(s) your customers would like to purchase.

BLOGGER IS NOT FOR BUSINESS: When starting a blog make sure to use a blogging service where you can get your own URL i.e. This may cost you a few bucks but is definitely worth the investment. I would recommend WordPress or Typepad, Blogger is great for personal use but may not be a great option for your fashion business.


As a new designer in the industry, you might find it difficult to get your foot in the door of the Macy’s and Barneys of the world. Even the smaller boutiques can be difficult. If you can’t beat them, go around them for now! Once you’ve started your own buzz they will want to take a second look at you.

etsy dawanda lovli designer marketplace

2) Post your Collection in online Boutiques and Marketplaces like Etsy, DaWanda, and Lovli.

These sites are great because they give you the opportunity to put your collection in front of millions of customers every day looking for cool and artistic things; many designers have started selling and have gotten retail accounts thru sites like Etsy including me. swap meet 2.0 is a great article on designer marketplace websites.

3) Register for an emailing service and put everyone you know on the list.

Start an email campaign for your collection. I would recommend Constant Contact or iContact for your mailing lists. Send out emails of your new collections and any updates or promotions you are currently running.

4) Wear your clothing everywhere:

Wear your clothing everywhere or select someone who will represent your brand well and have them become your spokesperson- That person should always have your business cards handy.

5) Contact local magazines and newspapers and ask them to do a story on you

(A Young Designer in their Area, talented and passionate) – I know it sound presumptuous and that’s because it is. Do it anyway!

6) Participate in local fashion shows and fashion design contests like project runway

This will be great exposure for you. I would not recommend you do your own fashion show due to the major expense, but collaborations or sponsored fashion shows are ideal.

7) Find boutiques that are willing to put your collection on consignment , these boutiques can be located locally or nationally.

8) When meeting up with friends for the weekend or long holidays take your pieces with you just in case you get a buyer.

9) Create an intriguing business card and hand them out with your website information on it

10) Create a YouTube account with the name of your collection and upload your fashion shows, interviews and other video media.

11) Contact fashion bloggers and ask them to blog about your new collection.

12) Join Facebook and start a Business page for your fashion line

Invite your friends on Facebook to become a fan of your fashion business

13) Join LinkedIn

Become a member of a group for fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs – Believe me when I tell you networking is not dead.

twitter bird icon14) Join Twitter and follow other designers, fashion companies and boutiques

Join the conversation; there is an art to being effective on Twitter, My recent post: Twitter is Both the Coolest and Stupidest Thing Ever, should give you head start.

15) Write a Press Release for your fashion collection or company

This is by no means the least important. Creating an effective press release will let people know that you are a legitimate business and will be a source of web traffic to your blog and fashion design portfolio or website. Pr Newswire can get you started on your press release.

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