“Twitter is Both the Coolest and Stupidest Thing Ever”

by Calvin Cox on July 23, 2008

“Twitter is both the coolest and stupidest thing ever.”, a twitter comment from a respected internet marketer.  I couldn’t resist, it was such abehind the eight ball cartooncool title for a blog post. Hmmm, are there copyrights on tweets? 🙂 I don’t think so- at least not yet.  Anyway, I’ve never claimed to be the guru of social networking protocols or SEO optimization; but what I do know is that the businesses that adopt to this wave of marketing are the only ones that will survive going forward; so it’s always daunting to meet designers; even website designers who are still behind the eight ball when it comes to creating a successful online presence. I was talking with a very talented designer the other day who was looking for ways to gain more exposure but refuses to start a blog as a step 1. I was talking to another business owner who I literally had to threaten to start blogging as a way of advertising her services.

I recently did an article about Google search stats in which Google made up about 70% of the web traffic to a given website. With the change in consumer habits regarding email and intrusive advertising techniques,  business marketers are starting to shift from outbound marketing to more inbound marketing techniques putting the blogosphere and social media networking front and center.

A social media site that should be taken seriously is Twitter – an under estimated, over evaluated socially invading gold mind. I’ve embedded a video I found on Hubspot; an internet marketing company about the social media factor in a successful marketing campaign. It’s a bit long for us who have an attention span shorter than a typical YouTube Clip, but worth the sit down. I came across 2 great articles that will assist in maximizing your marketing efforts when using twitter: The 35 twitter tips from 35 twitter users and 50 Easy Ways To Improve Your Twitter Experience. You should check them out!

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