[VIDEO] 5 Minute Design Portfolio Review – Jonathan Smith, Industrial Designer

by Calvin Cox on October 1, 2009

I’ve decided to do a series of video reviews of design portfolios from the Styleapple Network.  There is no science to who I’ll select for review, simply that the designer’s internal portfolio (on Styleapple)  and external portfolio (Own website) is built with the potential client in mind.  Meaning that the design portfolio is an effective marketing tool, keeping the visitor engaged from the minute they enter the website to the end where they are either filling out a conversion form or picking up the phone to inquire about your design services.  The goal of this series is to showcase designers that are effectively using their design portfolios to get leads and ultimately acquire new clients.

The hope is that this will allow designers and design firms to see what tools they can implement to improve their marketing effectiveness online.

The first installation of the series is a review of Industrial Designer, Jonathan Smith.  Please leave your feedback and comments below.

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