We’re Finished! Styleapple Set To Launch April 21, 2009; Here Is What We’ve Been Doing!

by Calvin Cox on April 14, 2009

As you know, we have been working on the Styleapple website for several months now and are finally ready to launch this baby.  Today we sent out the pre-launch email to our wonderful beta testers who partnered with us in our ‘bug hunting‘ endeavors.

As a result of their hard work we are excited to announce that Styleapple is set to launch on Tuesday, April 21, 2009.  If you haven’t already, create your designer or design company profile and let’s get this ball rolling.

I’ve included the email we sent to our beta testers early this morning outlining some of the features of the new website.  I will probably not do another post before the website launches (bussssssssssssssy)  but you can always connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or via email.


Hello Beta Testers,

First, I’d like to thank you for putting up with us while we develop the Styleapple website. We are pleased to announce that the date for the Styleapple launch has been set for Tuesday, April 21, 2009. So mark your calendars and bookmark the website www.styleapple.com if you haven’t already, because we are ready to take Styleapple to the public.

Because of you, our beta test was a complete success. We have gotten some invaluable feedback which we’ve implemented to enhance the functionality of the Styleapple website. Here is what we have done so far:

New Brand Portfolio for Design Companies and Recruiters

We’ve added a Brand Portfolio Option for design companies and recruiters, as well as for designers who are looking to increase their clientele, and grow their businesses. The Styleapple Brand Portfolio is the Design Portfolio for creative companies.

It allows you to create an elaborate company profile, similar to that of a design portfolio with much more features geared toward growing your design business, i.e. design companies receive new project quote submissions from Styleapple clients, a free one on one brand consulting session with one of your brand consultants. The ability to share new career opportunities with designers as part of your company profiles, and the ability to showcase your brand on our popular portfolio pages.

We are very excited about the addition. You can learn more here>> or signup here>>

Free Job Posting for the First 100 Design Company Employers or Recruiters

The Styleapple Job Board is now completed. We are allowing the first 100 design companies or creative recruiters in our beta test group to post their jobs on the Styleapple Job Board. The first 100 companies that contact us will recieve a 3 Job Packfree (valued at $595) to post their design jobs on the Styleapple Job Board. So contact us ASAP if you’re interested: calvin@styleapple.com. Offer expires on Sunday April 19, 2009

LinkedIn Network Connection Integration

We have installed a new LinkedIn Connection module. This will help you get the inside track from jobs, and companies on the Styleapple Job Board, and Design Directory. For example, say you found a job you’re interested in. There are mainly two ways you can apply for the job, via email or by submitting your profile application on the Styleapple website.

With the LinkedIn Network Connection module, you now have a third way. You can now immediately see if you are connected or know someone who works at that company. This will allow you to network with colleagues that already work at the company you interested in, giving you the inside track on the job. See an example here>>. Remember, referrals are still the #1 way to find a new job.


INSIDER BRANDING TIP #1 – Styleapple Search Engine is Key

Since we are getting ready to launch, we wanted to recommend that you to take the time to complete your profiles.

Why? You Ask!

Because the Styleapple search engine is one of the key tools potential clients and customers will use to find you. We have optimized the search engine to pick up on keyword phases that you’ve used in your profile, from your ‘About Me’ page to your ‘Awards and Affiliations’.  This will allow you to further market your services by optimizing your profile to include brand relevant keywords, that will set you apart from your competition.

The more information you have on your profile about your products and services, the more times you’ll show up in the Styleapple search results.  So please take the time to complete your profile.

INSIDER BRANDING TIP #2 – Your Avatar/Profile Thumbnail Is Very Important

You can now see your Profile Avatar on the user’s dashboard. We’ve added this to make it easier for you to see and modify your avatar. Remember to choose an image that best represents your company, or your professional creative work.

Keep in mind that this image is the first impression your potential clients will see. So make sure to select the most compelling image in your design or brand portfolio.

More to Come

We are currently working very hard on some really great tools to enhance your user experience and allow you to further promote and grow you design business on the web. Trust me, you’ll want to see what we have in store. So stay tuned….

Thanks Again

Thank you again for all the incredible feedback and patience as we go live. Please keep your feedback coming as our goal is to work until we’ve delivered a tool that will allow you to truly grow your design businesses. Know, that we will not stop until we’ve gotten you “Branded

Calvin Cox
Styleapple, Inc
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