Why is Everyone So Twitter Happy?

by Calvin Cox on February 20, 2009

twitter bird icon

Why is everyone so Twitter happy? I’ll tell you why, because tweeting  is a great way to tell your boss off without him realizing you’re talking about him.   Okay maybe not quite that, but here’s the real reason:

Twitter as you know by now is either mainstream or is heading there fairly quickly.  Everyone is following someone who’s following someone else.

Twitter users (potential customers) are happy because they’ve found a simple social media platform where they can connect with their peers to meet, update and discuss just about anything.

Here is something you may or may not know,  when a Twitter user (potential client or customer)  is looking for someone to follow, one of the tools used (out of many, you’ll find a  great list of twitter tools here) to finding people to follow is the Twitter search engine previously called Summize.  Summize lists the most recent mention of the keyword being searched and the Twitter user who used that keyword.  So If you’re are a graphic design company looking for new clients, ‘graphic design quotes’ might be a more reasonable keyword to have in your twitter lexicon as oppose to say… “fly fishing”.  I’m not saying to go keyword crazy,  what I am saying is to be cognizant of what you say and have a sensible balance when you’re getting ready to make your statement to the world with only140 characters or less to do it in.


Stylepple.com Twitter Grader Report

Another nice tool to use is the Hubspot Twitter Grader tool. This Twitter tool gives you a report of how effective a Twitter user you are.   It gives you  a twitter grade based on a variety of factors including your follower : following ratio and your followers influence.   It also generates a tag cloud of your tweets, giving you an idea of  the words and phrases that is most prominent in your tweet history.

A nice added bonus to this tool is its search option which provides a list of the most influential Twitter users for a given keyword… really handy when looking for thought leaders to follow in your industry.

Twitter along with  the other social media networking sites can be an effective way to reach your clients and customers simply by following a few simple rules of engagement.  With a little bit of time and patience you too can become  ‘Twitter’ happy

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